First Eight Black Sabbath Albums To Be Reissued on Vinyl


Listen up, Black Sabbath fans and collectors, some big things are happening this summer. It’s just been announced that the first eight albums from the group are going to be reissued on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl in June and July.

Fans can expect the first three albums to be reissued on June 22. That will include their 1970 self-titled debut studio disc, their 1970 effort Paranoid and their third album, Master of Reality.

Then on June 29, fans will be able to be buy Vol. 4, the 1972 disc that was their first not to be produced by Rodger Bain, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and their sixth album, Sabotage. The final two albums will be released on July 13. Technical Ecstacy and Never Say Die! the group’s final album that had Ozzy Osbourne at the helm until 2013′s 13.

All the albums will feature the original cover art and inner sleeve artwork and each vinyl will also come with a CD of the music. Earlier in the year, Sharon Osbourne stated that the group would be playing a farewell show at Ozzfest Japan in November, but that date has since been scrapped for the group. The concert now lists ’Ozzy and Friends’ as the performers. In late April, Osbourne stated that in 2016, Black Sabbath plan to release a final album and embark on one more tour.

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